Club activities

We have as many guest speakers as is possible throughout the year to come and talk to us about cymbidiums and who often bring plants for sale – an added bonus to an evening of stimulating information.

In addition, we have a cultural segment during each meeting that is a good-natured and informative general discussion with plenty of excellent advice from our most experienced growers.

There is also an interesting commentary each month about any plants that have been brought in for judging and prizes are awarded for the monthly competition winners.

The club also holds a growing competition for members so that the year’s nominated young plants can be assessed for their successful progress each month. For the competition-minded there are many formal shows held a various venues during each year to participate in with generous prize money and awards to be won.

We have a monthly newsletter to keep everyone informed of important dates, events, or any supplies that may be available from time to time. Visits to other growers shade houses are arranged now and then during the flowering season and these occasions are a great way to acquire that “special” plant as well have a great deal of fun.